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Dragons at the doors - “Kerékvetős” of Budapest

When you walk in Budapest, it is sometimes worth also to look down because there are, just as at the upper side on the facades of buildings, artworks to discover. In particular, on both side edges of doors or gates. It are often objects made from stone or metal are placed here first to avoid that with too wide carriages be driven inward, and secondly, that the doors / gates, opening outwards, not fully could be opened. In Hungary these objects are called “Kerekvető”. They also were used, but only in stone, at the entrances of narrow streets. You clearly can see this in the Castle district in Budapest.

Many of these objects are simple of construction and usually made ​​of stone or metal. But, a number of the “Kerékvető” is very special and beautiful and they are almost all more than 100 years old. It’s impossible to trace whom the designers are of these art works. Most architects whom hired artists for the ornamentation of their designs, did not mention the name of the artist and the majority of the works on, or near, buildings is also unsigned.

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Valahogy nem ez szokott eszünkbe jutni a Somme-ról, az I. vh egyik leghíresebb és a háború talán legvéresebb csatájáról.

Indiai pikások 1916 júliusából



Su-25s and Mi-24s flyby over a Russian highway caught on a dashcam.

russia <3

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